Tens of thousands of authors each year choose to take alternative methods to traditional publishing to get their books into the hands of readers. Both first-time and experienced authors have discovered that publishing service-providers, like Author Solutions’ industry-leading imprints, offer the publishing, marketing, and distribution services that authors need to achieve their publishing goals.

To the Author’s Advantage

Authors who choose to go with a self-publishing company, rather than take the traditional publishing route, retain control of their work and copyrights — and that is very important. Being able to control the destiny of your book gives you complete flexibility to “cash in” if the opportunity for a movie or TV adaptation presents itself. With self-publishing, authors are free to negotiate any other deals or sell to a traditional publishing firm at any time.

Another clear advantage is your complete control over the content and design of your book. Still another benefit is that publishing service-providers help authors bring their books to market more quickly and provide higher royalties for every book sold, as compared with traditional publishing.

A hands-on approach to book publishing